How COVID changed our home coffee experiences; how home coffee quality expectations changed with COVID

How COVID changed our home coffee experiences; how home coffee quality expectations changed with COVID

Lockdowns and quarantines

To say that COVID-19 changed things would be an understatement. Certainly, no one could have expected or predicted the aftermath of easily one of the most devastating and disastrous pandemics in years maybe even decades. 

The resulting lockdowns and quarantining that came as a result of the pandemic also affected the way we drink coffee. During the early phases of COVID-19 going to cafes or leaving one's house to get coffee was no longer an easy option. However, coffee lovers decided to adapt to these changing circumstances instead. They adapted by becoming baristas at home, even if they have never touched their own coffee beans before! Keep reading to learn more and to discover some of 29 Coffee Roasters' excellent specialty coffee beans.


Adaptations and changes

One of the most famous examples of coffee adaptation during the major pandemic lockdowns has to come from South Korea. It was here where the dalgona coffee was developed. 

South Korea, though usually known for K-pop and K-dramas, is also a powerhouse of coffee with many adult Koreans drinking anywhere from 3-5 cups of coffee a day. Cafes are on nearly every corner and even up on a mountain one can find a cup, can, or stick of coffee! This is where the dalgona comes in. 

With Koreans locked in their homes and apartments but still wanting to satisfy their coffee fix (and their boredom), the dalgona coffee trend was developed. The catch with this example, though, is the dalgona coffee is a mix of whipped stick coffee as opposed to specialty coffee beans. Though today cafes now specialize in artisanal and specialty dalgona coffees, we will instead take a closer look at some of the modes of coffee people adapted to during the pandemic. Namely pour-over and cold brew (which are also very popular in Korean homes and cafes alike!).

Not only have many people been unable to go to cafes to get coffee, but they have, like the developers of the dalgona coffee, been rather bored! What better way to combat boredom than to experiment with some culinary arts. Hence why a lot of people began baking bread! 

But they also began experimenting with pour-over coffee, a mode of coffee that requires some freshly ground beans, and some close attention to detail while one brews their coffee. In essence, it was and is a mode of coffee that requires time, attention, and high-quality materials including specialty coffee beans. Here are some of 29 Coffee Roasters' great specialty beans for pour-over for your brewing pleasure;


  • Regional Blend Vietnam Blend- This blend includes both Vietnamese and Brazilian beans to harmonize a truly excellent specialty coffee blend for pour-over including great aromas and flavors that bloom in a pour-over coffee. Some of the great flavors in the palette include sweet cocoa, toffee, and an overall smooth character and body.


  • Moon Greatness Smooth Blend- This low caffeine blend allows for joyful brewing even a little bit later in the day, or even as a great after-dinner beverage. This blend is great for pour-over because of a lot of the great fruity and sweet flavors and aromas. Some of these aromas and flavors include ripe cherry, milk chocolate, cocoa, and sweet melon.


Now, let’s talk about cold brew coffee. Cold brew is similar to pour-over in the sense that it takes time, attention to detail, and works best with specialty coffee beans. Cold brew results in coffee that is free of acidity, rich, silky, and can be stored for up to 2 weeks. Here are some beans that will go great in a cold brew;


  • The Polar Flight Pilot Blends- This specialty blend is perfect for cold brew because cold brewing takes out any acidity and allows for the excellent fruity and chocolatey flavors to come out and shine without being overshadowed by any potential acidity. Flavors and aromas like red berries, currants, citrus, milk chocolate, and some juicy and elegant flavors and aromas.


  • Super Crema Jazz Blend- This excellent specialty blend with its smokiness and dark chocolate notes is perfect for cold brew. That is because these slightly more subdued flavors can really take center stage when cold brewed as opposed to hot brewing which may lead to them being overshadowed by acidity. The other flavors include nutty flavors and a rich mouthfeel.


But why did coffee quality expectations change during COVID? 

The answer to this one has to do with more folks being stuck at home, and really being one on one with the coffee they enjoy every day. When coffee is just another quick energy fix the quality is more easily negligible. But when we are stuck inside all day, grinding and brewing our own coffee every time we want or need some, then questions of quality will come into play more readily. 

Certainly, COVID-19 changed all of our lives. With many of us stuck in an uncertain state of quarantine, coffee lovers couldn't help but turn their attention and focus on the java they enjoy every day. This has resulted in extra attention to detail in the form of specialty coffee beans. We hope that all of our readers are staying happy, healthy, and safe. We also hope you give some of our specialty beans a try as well. Happy brewing!


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